Sunday, February 05, 2006

Kegged Bitter

First, I kegged my Best Bitter that I started back at the beginning of Feb. I love kegging, it was SO much easier that bottling!! Too bad I still have to bottle 23 L of Old Ale I plan on aging for some time. I've never force carbonated (rather than letting the yeast carbonate the beer) and I have to have this beer ready for a possible party this coming weekend, so I decided to force carbonate this batch. We'll see how it turns out.
For taste... its 4.7% alcohol, perfect amber brown colour... I can't judge the head yet since it wasn't carbonated. Its a little grainly, and quite dry in its maltiness (I was aiming for a little sweeter). The hop bitterness came out perfect, its quite bitter but still nice. I used all fuggles; the aroma and hop flavour is low but noticeable. I think its a little young, but we'll see how it tastes with carbonation!

Not about beer:
Anyway, I've been pretty bad with my updates of late. I was just up in Edmonton looking for a place to live before March before I start my job at the brewery. So many decisions!

Oh, and I just watched the new War of the Worlds with Tom Cruise in it last night. Fuck, what a stupid movie. There were a few times I considered turning it off, luckily I had nothing better to do. Read the book, you'll be entertained a helluva lot more. Maybe some of the special effects were cool, but all the actors pissed me off.

Er... well, anyway, Cheers!

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