Friday, February 17, 2006

Place to live = found

Phew! Sorry for not posting for a few days... I know the like 3-10 people who actually read my blog are very disappointed with me. I know that my blog is a very important part of daily life and my removal of that part really messes people up. I am so important.
Er... whatever.

Anyway, aside from tooting my own horn, I finally found an excellent place to rent after 4 freakin days in Edmonton. I heard about it from a friend of a friend, so that makes things easier for "references" since they have excellent resources to find out if I'm a good guy or not. I am living with a female, which is fine by me, I actually get along better with females I think anyway. And NOT just in the "giggity-giggity" way either (actually, history suggests I don't do that very well... I'm more of a "nice guy". Meh.)

So yeah, moving in next week. No beer news for another couple of weeks, sorry. Although I have to bottle my Old Stock Ale tomorrow...

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