Monday, February 13, 2006

Assorted notes

Well, I put an offer in on a place to buy in Edmonton over the weekend, but it didn't go through. Kindof a seller's market up there these days. I'm probably best off renting for 6 months at first anyway... its just more expensive... meh. I have two weeks to find a place to live and move into it. And.... GO.

As for living in Edmonton, I'm really hoping to get a place in/near the Whyte ave area somewhere inbetween 99th st and the University. Its the cultural centre of the city, and I always get a good vibe when I'm down there. The plan is to buy a bike (my old one was stolen a couple years back) and do most of my transport with it. The brewery I work at is only about 4-5 km from the area, so thats really only a 15-20 min ride with traffic.

On another note, a friend of mine wanted his name to appear higher on google, so he registered his name to a domain name and it seemed to work. He is Scott Carmichael. I should do that... when people search for "Brian Westcott" they get some wrestling dork...

Anyway, the post below is actually about beer.... cheers!


crallspace said...

Being able to commute on bike is one of the most rewarding things about living where I do. IT is awesome, fun...and all the other positive synonyms.

Edmonton... ah... That would be nice, but I'd have to work for the CBC.

Emil said...

Hey Brian, small world. Emily called me asking if you were planning to move to Edmonton cause a Brian Westcott emailed her about renting her place.

I thought you were going to the UK.

Plus I had my first taste of Alley Kat beer last weekend too, don't remember which beer but it wasn't great. Hopefully you can change that!

headlessbob said...

Yeah, I'm looking forward to it. PLUS, the place I'm moving to... apparently there is a bike that a guy has left there for over two years. All I have to do is cut the lock and ... BING! mine!

headlessbob said...

(on another conversation not recorded on the internet, it seemed that Emil had tried a raspberry beer from Alley Kat in January, which hasn't been made for some time... thus, quite expired. However, I don't like fruit beers from any brewery really so even if fresh I don't imagine I would be impressed...)