Tuesday, February 28, 2006

First day of work at a brewery

Yep, thats right, today was my first day.
I got into work about 20 minutes too early since I misjudged traffic... It only takes like 7 minutes to drive to work. Should only be 15-20 minute bike ride when it warms up :)

Anyway, first, I'll remind you of where I work. I'm just starting at Allet Kat Brewing in Edmonton, AB. Five people work there... the two owners (husband/wife) who brew and manage the business, a main sales rep, me, and a temporary labourer they bring in when they need help.

Today was a bottling day. I was working the end of the bottling line, which is one of the more 'menial' tasks in the brewery. The process involves taking 4 six-packs (case) and placing the filled, capped & labeled bottles in the packs. Then taking a hot glue gun that makes a mess and sealing all the boxes (...without making a mess, these have to look pretty for the stores). Then just stamping the boxes with expiry date and batch ID and stack them on a skid. Pretty much anybody could do this. Which is why I'm lucky I work at a very small brewery... if this was a large brewery this would be somebody's job every day all day. Tomorrow I get to do something differnt (kegs? cleaning? install a new tap? ?). And the next day we're brewing. Then maybe more bottling on Thursday... I donno.

At least bottling is easy and mindless (well, until I have to operate the filler/labeler... looks like a bitch). Perhaps in the future I'll be longing for a easy bottle day.

Anyway, I'm pretty tired and have a lot of emails to catch up on.

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Best of luck.