Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Moving Crap

Well, since I am moving to Edmonton I am realizing that I have stuff built up in my house over the last 5 years... including:
  • Some medium sized old shelving units
  • A 3 large-drawer'ed dresser
  • A small-drawer'ed dresser, medium height. (...I can make up punctuation if I want to)
  • A whole bunch of empty CD cases (I've long since put all my music on my iPod, and all the CDs are on spools. What the hell do I need the cases for?)
  • An old coffee table hand made of cheap wood.
  • A really comfy single bed (mostly new, one wine stain)
  • Another medium-sized shelving unit.
  • Perhaps a cheap-ass (yet quite comfy) couch.
  • A pile of clothing that either doesn't fit me or I don't like
  • A shitload of old computer stuff:
    • HP Netserver LH II, with dual 300 mHz processors, 256 mb ram, and 6 SCSI hard drive bays and hardware RAID. It was a fun project, and hopefully some other geek will get ahold of it. It currently has a way outdated version of Gentoo Linux.
    • A double sized case with an AMD 1.2 gHz processor, 512 mb ram, and I think a couple of hard drives totaling 100 gb... actually I should probably plug that thing in and see whats on there.
    • A battery back-up system, two batteries wired together. Heavy as all hell. It was pretty sweet for my server setup.
    • An oldish dell desktop with I think a 20 gb hard drive and maybe a 1.5 gHz processor. I should probably fire that one up again too... hm.
    • Some shitty old monitors, maybe 15" or so.
    • A realllly old 120 mHz computer I used as a gateway/firewall server. Its basically crap, but it can still do the job. I think it still has OpenBSD 3.0 on it (They're on 3.8 now, and they release every 6 months... I hadn't touched the thing for the whole time other than opening a port now and then and it always worked!)
    • A lot of assorted cables for almost everything PC (and some Sun, oddly enough), small amounts of memory, old-ass hard drives, an old dual-head video card, lots of cd-rom drives, power supplies, processors, network cards, modems, hubs, switches, and ... well a lots of pretty nerdy stuff somebody may have a use for.
  • Two fairly large boxes of Warhammer 40k (mostly "Epic" scale, for those who remember it). I should probably sell that on eBay or something, I bet somebody would love to increase their collection.
  • A bunch of mis-matched dishes.
  • A whole bunch of books, including a lot from the dragonlance series, and lots of computer text books.
  • An old -30 C sleeping bag... not the easy pack kind.
  • Some nice laptop bags I picked up at conferences etc over time (some leather).
  • Some luggage.
  • A table lamp, slightly broken yet still bright.
  • A TV from like 1984. Free if you can get it out of my house. It works though.
  • A big brown comfy chair that belonged to Canadian writer Ken McGoogan.
  • Large 1.8 m long shelving unit, three shelves tall.
  • A good "study desk" about 1.2 m long.
  • Hangers. Lots.
  • A few large pads of that newsprint you use in meetings... whatever its called.
  • A whole bunch of AD&D 2nd edition books!
  • Some good quality glass pots (3, small + med + large), teflon frying pan (scratched...), perhaps some other cookware.
I think a lot of the stuff would be good for a student or anybody getting started on their own. Its really cheap (or even free in many cases), I just need to get rid of it. I've mostly put this list up for people I know to give them an idea of what I have to get rid of (in which case call me if interested), but if you're just passing through this blog and live in Calgary feel free to give me a shout at bobtheheadless@hotmail.com.



crallspace said...

Donate excess shit to homeless shelters. Put it to use.

headlessbob said...

yeah, if people I know don't want it, its all going to charity... I have a few bags of clothes already.
Even the TV, which is crap, could be useful for somebody. Its worked for me for more than 5 years afterall!