Friday, February 24, 2006

Saga Continues

Sorry for the no content of late, but I am in the middle of moving to another city. Its going pretty ok for now. I put an offer in on a place and its looking like I'm going to get it. A few small issues with it and a crazy-ass condo manager, though. Its exactly what I was looking for really. My parameters aren't like most peoples though... I wanted to be in a high-rise condo complex, lots of light, upper floor, in a busy lively area of the city. I'm offering on a 10th floor, south facing 2 bdrm, 1.75 bath, with a balcony. It could use a bit of renovation work, so I'm looking forward to that.

Beer Stuff
Ok, well I bottled my Old Stock Ale finally, its been more than two months since I started it. I do have kegging systems, but I want to age these bottles for awhile. The final alc vol % was 7.8, which is lower that I wanted but still pretty good. The flavour still has the heavy smell of goldings hops from my 2 weeks of dry hopping with 50 g of whole hops. I'll give it a try in a month, I have some concerns about its quality... but carbonation changes everything.

I start my first day at Alley Kat brewery on Monday, I'm looking forward to that. Even only two weeks of time off with no job gets pretty boring pretty fast. Plus.... I'm working at a brewery! Sweet!

I was down at my favorite Calgary pub, the Hop n' Brew, last night and found something odd. They were serving "Braveheart" Scotch Ale from Alley Kat brewery. Now since I am soon to be an employee of Alley Kat I was fairly certain they were mistaken on the name, which was supposed to be Kiltlifter Scotch Ale (a mighty fine ale if you ask me and even according to my several non-beer nerd friends who have gobbled the stuff up). I asked about the name change, the owner thought the name would cause too many problems.... really? "Kiltlifter"? That's an awesome name!
What do you think? Is in an appropriate name? Its beer after all...



crallspace said...

Kiltlifter is fine for a beer name. What a stuffy ass. Cause "problems!" (sneer)

Congrats on getting a job at a brewery. If I am ever in the area, I'll stop in... but I don't plan to be in the area, quite honestly. If I had the time or money, I'd explore all o' Canada.

Hunahpu said...

There is also a beer called Kiltlifter by Four Peaks Brewing Company, in Tempe, Arizona.

headlessbob said...

Yeah exploring Canada does take lots of time and money. But there are people who bike allllll the way across Canada from Victoria, BC to St. John's, Newfoundland. Seems like a good way to do it... it just takes a few months.

hynahpu: Hm, I actually have a friend down in AZ right now, I'm gonna see if she can bring me back some of that! Thanks!

Kat said...

Hey Brian . . . wow, you're so grown up . . . buying a place and everything! I guess this means you'll be sticking around on this side of the pond for a while!

I also enjoyed your lasagna post immensely - I will now think twice prior to any pasta purchase.

The earthquake wasn't too bad, but definitely an experience! Ottawa is a surprising place :)