Friday, February 17, 2006

Fuck VD

Not venereal disease.. Valentine's day. BTW, currently, I'm listening to all the songs in my iTunes collection that include the word "fuck". This, apparently, includes "Just don't give a fuck" by Eminem, 'Fuck off" by Kid Rock, "Fuckdubs part 1&2" by Tosca, "Rollin' On Chrome (Wild Motherfucker Dub)" by "Aphrodelics" which is an awesome driving tune BTW, "Hey Fuck You" by the Beastie Boys, and "Fucking Hostile" from Pantera. A wide selection if you ask me.
Anyway, this year was the year of Fuck VD for me. Although I've only actually had a girlfriend for one VD ever, the point is that at this one time of year we are all forced to examine our relationships with our relationships & possible relationships. Last year, I examined my current relationship and decided it was something I wanted to put everything I had into... well, a couple of weeks later I was dumped. But this year I had the advantage of not having any relationship to examine. It passed without any event, really. I sat at home, watched TV, and did shit all.
You know, I bet that a lot of relationships end in the two weeks before VD. People freak out and decide if they really want to be with they people they are with. VD is a big event. You better be serious about what you want!

How does this relate to BEER? Well, I think that this year I really should have gone to some bar full of sad singles like myself and had lots of beer like some other desperate woman there... at the very least I would have met some woman in the same situation as myself... even if it didn't go anywhere, we could have made fun of married people or something :P

Anyway, here's to VD (the St. Valentine kind)

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crallspace said...

HaPPY fucked VD to you...belated, of course.