Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Second Day Working at a Brewery

Today, I filled kegs. Its a helluva lot better than bottling, although the lifting is much much heavier. My arms are sore. Its a bit more of your own time management trying to get the dirty kegs clean, filling the clean ones, labeling them, and moving them. Two to three things are happening at approximately the same time, so it keeps things interesting at least. Apparently I fill kegs a little slower, but when you fill a keg slow it foams less and wastes less beer. I'm all for that.

Tomorrow... small test batch brewing! Yay! (Small = 48 L or thereabouts).

Short update... cheers!


Anonymous said...

So you still like your job?
Good luck tomorrow.

headlessbob said...

awww... me maw is looking at my blog!