Friday, March 31, 2006

Scottish Ale First Taste

Well, I tried my Scottish 80 Shilling Ale that I made a week and a half ago (see here for details on that) while racking it from primary fermentation into a carboy for another couple of weeks. I really liked the malt flavour I found, however it was quite too weak and watery. I didn't have a hydrometer for the brew, so basically I had to guess. I suppose I guessed wrong. I'll make a similar recipe again, maybe a bit more hops, and make it stronger. I still have to actually obtain my hydrometer, but I froze some of the inital wort so that I can get an initial and final gravity.

I also pulled off about 1 L of yeast slurry & trub to culture yeast for my next batch. A friend of mine and I created a bunch of vails we can use for keeping yeast for a long time.

Anyway, cheers!

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