Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Old Stock Ale Tasting

Here are my rather shorthand notes on my very first tasting of my Old Stock Ale I brewed back at the end of December. Its been in the bottle for about 3 weeks now, after about 2 months in various stages of brewing and aging...

"1st bottle, Mar 12/06:
Appearance: very dark, slightly yellow-orange. Cloudy. Was just transported. no head from pouring, but agitation creates fine small bubbled head that sticks to side of glass. Carbonation light to medium.
Nose: only slightly malty, with a hint of hop aroma. Lots of estery fruity notes, as well as lots of sweetness.
Flavour: initially quite sweet. Quite a bit of unfermented sugar left. Slight bitterness on finish to balance initial sweetness. Lots of estery flavours, several fruit flavours. I think I taste apricot! Initial taste not so good, but I like the aftertaste. Very slight alcohol warming, not much though. Feels like 7.8% beer however."

Well, those are my notes. Its an interesting beer.

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