Thursday, March 09, 2006

Brewing is hard work

Yep, it sure is.
Today I was working with the 58.8 L kegs. The 50 L kegs are just barely managable, but the 58.8 L kegs are just ... really heavy. Ug. I'll get used to it.

On Monday night was the Edmonton Homebrew Guild's monthly meeting. It was pretty good, I was expecting maybe 15-20 people, but there must have been 40 or so people there. It was interesting... about 20 minutes of official business, then a couple of hours of trying different beers. They were a good group of people to get to know. I'll have to get all of my homebrew stuff from Calgary and start making some stuff ASAP.

Back to the brewery, though, and to mention that our Smoked Porter will be out pretty soon. It should be in Edmonton stores sometime early next week and in Calgary stores ... well eventually, I'm not sure how long it takes. Also, the Hop n' Brew in Calgary will be serving it up too. Its smokier than last year apparently.

I think I had a story that I wanted to tell here. But I can't remember it now... oh well, I'll just blog later if I do.


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Anonymous said...

Smoky Beer, recipe for deliciousness, find out when its available in CowTown!!!!!