Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Beer News

Ok, so I have no beer news of my own, other than my frantic prep to move to Edmonton to work at a brewery. I did come across a few beer news items that I will blatantly post as "content" for my blog, enjoy:
  • Beer is doomed: Germans like shandy. A shandy is a beer diluted with some crap like pop or juice or something. This completely ruins the flavour of the beer of course. But, I guess if you're drinking crappy beer to begin with, its not to big of a deal. But if the Germans like this, what hope is there for any of us???
  • Hedonistic beer label: In the world of beer marketing its hard to get noticed. These guys had an interesting idea. But some people are prudes, so they returned the beer. Personally, I could use a little hedonism.
  • Some beer isn't fresh: inside freshness codes. Certainly, it would be nice to get an "expiry" date for every beer bought. It really depends on the style of beer and many other factors, but many beers that you buy at your local store may be expired. When I lived in Fort St. John in Northern BC it was hard to find a beer before its expiry date. Plus, the beers were stored at room temp under UV emitting flourescent lights. So they were really bad. Anyway, remember to check your expiry dates.
  • And finally, an article on diet choices of beer and wine drinkers. It seems that wine may skew healthier because the wine buyers tend to buy healthier foods anyway. Beer people tend to buy crap. I know I do. I'm pretty bad for that.
Well, thats it. On a side note, that last episode of Battlestar Galactica was pretty weird (2x14). Bad writing... they invented problems and sub-plots to satisfy a brief storyline. The whole episode was disjointed with the series. It was way too "mainstream" for this show... it reminded me of shows I hate like "The OC", "ER", and every reality TV show ever made (other than Mythbusters with Kari Byron). Was there a different writer? Director? I donno, but that may qualify for "worst episode ever". Every series has one.
Cheers n' such!


Hunahpu said...

If you go to the Galactica website and listen to the audio blog about the episode from the producer of the show, he also agrees with you in that it was the worst episode ever. It is worth a listen.

Anonymous said...

Never EVER speak ill of OC and ER

John said...

I dunno, I liked it more than the one before it. It had fewer annoying developments, and was intense. Sure it didn't make a lot of sense, but it seemed to be a transitional episode.