Friday, January 06, 2006

Beer Brewin Pics

Ok, I'm lazy. I said I would put pictures from my Old Stock Ale brew day, but
I didn't. SO now I am. Woot. Many of these were taken by my friend Lise, who
just happened to notice my failure to mention her help in the production....

Some of the base ingredients. The big bowl is the 15% crystal malt in the

The horrible mess of crushing grains without a malt mill.

The "mash". This isn't really a mash because the grains here don't have any
enzymes in them, they are just for colour and flavour.

A quick "sparge" to get the rest of the sugars out of the grains.

Measuring the dry malt extract.

A cool action shot of some of the extract being dumped into the boiling wort.
Note the tinfoil on the pot to hopefully keep the heat in better.

Dumping into the primary. I tend to be pretty anal with sanitation, so you'll
see me wearing latex gloves and a face mask so I don't breathe into the fresh

This is much later (1 week). The primary is done, and its in the secondary.
Here I've dry-hopped the beer with 50 g of whole Goldings hops :) as well as
some "oak chip tea". This should really add more flavour to the beer!!

Well... the end. Hope you enjoyed ;)


Ben, aka BadBen said...

Nice pics. Crushing grains with a rolling pin is HARD CORE, man!

Hunahpu said...

Cool, another beer blogger.

headlessbob said...

Heh, I have a malt mill on order. Luckily this batch was an extract brew mostly :).