Friday, January 13, 2006

Battlestar Galaterific!!

Ok, I'm a pretty big sci-fi nerd for some shows, but until yesterday I had never watched the newish Battlestar Galactica remake. What a great show! I couldn't stop watching. I watched the 3 hour mini series plus all of season one within 24 hours (and failed to do anything useful in that time). Complex storys, multiple plot lines, philosophy, love, hate, war, and a little comedy. I can't believe this show escaped me for 2 years. Frack, that means I'll be wasting more time watching this. Oh well.

Anyway, gonna do up an all-grain batch of a Special Bitter style beer this weekend.... just something to throw in the keg and drink. I'll post the proposed recipe later, but it will be pretty simple: pale 2-row malt for like 70-80%, a bunch of crystal 40L malt, maybe 4-5% wheat for head, and if I feel right about it then I'll add some honey or aromatic malt. I'm thinking maybe 25-30 IBU for bitterness (not toooo much) with some Target for bittering and some E.K. Goldings for aroma/flavour. Or maybe goldings for everything... hm. It'll be fermented with Wyeast London Ale III.



Ben, aka BadBen said...

It sounds like a decent recipe. I plan to brew this weekend, also.

GDSever said...

The new Battlestar is by far the best sci-fi show out there since Fox killed Firefly. I watch it every week... And it keeps getting better.

Do you find that wheat actually helps your head retention? I've never really had a problem with my beers, and I never used wheat. In fact... the few wheat beers I have brewed had miserable head retention.

How about flaked barley?

headlessbob said...

Well, I have to say I've never experimented with wheat and non-wheat, I just add it because "in theory" it can help with head retention. I've tried making 2 beers with wheat in the 5-10% range, and they did _seem_ to have better head, but there are other possibilities to that occuring too.
I've never tried flaked barley though.