Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Minority Gov't

Well, looks like even more of a minority government here in Canada again. At least that means the Conservatives won't be able to pass some of the crazier "ideas" they had. But all in all, things will remain the same, we'll just have that post Harper as our leader. Eh, hes better than George Bush I suppose.

Anyway, in my riding we had some interesting results:
DISTRICT: Calgary West
CandidatePartyVote CountVote ShareElected
Rob AndersCON2659458.56% X
Jennifer PollockLIB1008922.21%
Danielle RobertsGRN469510.34%
Teale Phelps BondaroffNDP37548.27%
Tim CayzerCAP1850.41%
André VachonML1000.22%
January 24, 12:39:44 AM EST
225 of 292 polls reporting

Its not quite final, but it looks like Mr. Robby Anders gained voter ground from the Liberals this time out. Man I hate that guy. Oh well, I'm moving to Edmonton anyway.
Nicely, the Green Party gained ground, up like 2.5-3% over last year, even beating the NDP, a "real" party. See, the riding of Calgary West is (1) rich old people, (2) poor old people, and (3) students due to the University of Calgary being in the riding. Makes for a little balance, this riding has one of the highest Green Party vote in the country.

Well, thats it for politics.
Now for beer:
I racked off two beers yesterday, and I was quite impressed with the results. For my Best Bitter, the gravity after primary was 1.012, its looking like 4.7% alcohol. The flavour is quite good so far! Good balance between malt and hops, with a not-too-overpowering hops bitterness nor aroma or flavour. Just right. I can't wait to carbonate it. My Old Ale is going along quite nicely. After 20 days in 2ndary with 50 g of whole Goldings hops + oak chips, it has a pretty complex flavour. I calculate the new OG to be 1.079 and the final to be 1.020, which sets the Alc vol at 7.8%ish. Not bad, but not the 8.5 I was aiming for. It has pretty thick head retention, and nice dark colour. Helll yeah.

Job Details
Well I got the offer in writing now, so that means I'll officially (eventually) be the brewer at Alley Kat in Edmonton (see last post). I had to tell my new boss at my current job today, man that wasn't easy. I felt like I was breaking up with a girlfriend or something... "Its not you, its me". Ha.



Ben, aka BadBen said...

Yum...the brews sound tasty!

I'm excited for you and your new job. Every homebrewer in the world has a secret wish to do what you're going to be doing, even if it's for a short while. I'm jealous, sitting here with my "golden handcuffs" at my longtime job.
By the way:
Tell your old boss, "we can still be friends."

headlessbob said...

Heh, sometimes I get this odd feeling like "what the hell am I doing" but that quickly passes. I'm sure of this choice :)

I'm only worried that brewing will become too much of a 'job' rather than fun, of course.