Thursday, November 10, 2005

Kari Byron

1) This post isn't about beer.

2) Ok, call me a huge nerd, but I thin Kari Byron has got to be the most attractive female on TV. She is one of the builders/co-hosts of Mythbusters on the Discovery channel. Smart... hot... can build stuff... can't get much better than that.

I'm sure this image is (C) copyright of the Discovery channel... much respect ;).
Well, that's her (on the RIGHT, not the guy on the left). You can click for a bigger image.

Anyway, her Mythbusters bio is here. Now I'm not one to usually post things about "hot chicks" or whatever like some dorky highschool kid, but I feel that Kari Byron is certainly my favorite TV female... sigh. Keri, if for some reason you browse across my blog... ... well I don't know what to say, but if I did it would be something that explained how perfect you were. Also, apparently she has been a fencer, like me. SO much in common! Well... maybe like one thing. My only hope is if she likes beer...

You can see some of her interesting art here and the art on her website here. And a collection of photos here. And a good interview with her here. And a blog/discussion w/ pics here.

Reading a lot of comments out there it seems that there are a lot of jerks with comments like "I'd like to bust her myth if you know what I mean". Man, those guys need a punch in the face. A woman of this caliber should be treated with a lot more respect. Save that crap for those Pamela Anderson slut types. Jerks.
Another good pic :)

Anyway... uh... beer. Yeah. Its a beer blog, afterall...


Jordan said...

I always thought she was hot too. Just curious about where your profile pic was taken cause I know the sun doesn't shine in Ft St John. haha.

headlessbob said...

Heh, yeah I think that picture is from Heidelburg, Germany. A sunny, hot day sitting on the patio :)

darwin said...

Hey, thanks for the link.. but I'd appreciate it if you don't link directly to my images. I don't mind you re-publishing them (after all, they're not my "property" anyway) but bandwidth isn't unlimited, so I'd appreciate it if you could host any image that you use somewhere yourself. :)

Kari Byron Fan :)

headlessbob said...

Heh, no problem, I'll move the images now :).

Anonymous said...

Dude I'd bust my myth all over her face *drool*

Glen said...
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Anonymous said...

Brian you can find a lot of quality Kari Byron pics at this forum:

Anonymous said...

yeah shes very hot and sexy,
i love hear 2 much
she is best of the best
pls if any budy have a nice pic for her send it 2 my email


Anonymous said...

Isn't that her in the new beer ad on TV with the gang of guys doing stupid things?

Jason said...

Awesome! I was searching for pictures of Kari Byron and found your site. Beer brewing happens to be one of my hobbies and I love Mythbusters. Kari Byron is smart AND super hot... perfect combo!

Check out my article here. It was meant to be about Tory playing Counter-Strike, but I could not resist posting pics of the lovely Kari.

Cool site!