Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Arrested Development

What is wrong with FOX? (ok, actually don't answer that, there is very long list ranging from their crap reality TV to their more than questionable coverage of news)...

But they have this great show that's incredibly funny and wins all sorts of awards... Arrested Development. One week they advertise that it will be on, then next week they replace it with a rerun of Prison Break. They show new episodes once per month. How can a show possibly survive with (1) no promotion by its network and (2) only showing the show once per month?

Perhaps the problem is that the executives just take the viewing audience for granted. Sure, I'll agree that most of Fox's audience does include many brain-dead morons that like crap like Stacked, Trading Spouses, or Cops. But, every once and awhile Fox puts on a show that is "smart-funny"... the only problem is that when a show is deemed too smart for the demographic audience of Fox, it gets "grey-listed"... not cancelled, but never promoted and never given any airtime until the executives can just say "uh, nobody is watching it, you're cancelled". And then the show gets cancelled. Which is what has basically happened. Oh well... next year Fox will release another smart funny show and let us enjoy it for a short time before running it into the ground too.

Ah well... its just TV.


Anonymous said...

*cough* *cough* family *cough* guy *cough*

and futurama

This happens all too often. I hope fox sells it to another station who realizes its full potential.

crallspace said...

Arrested Development is a great show!!!

The creator was interviewed on NPR's Fresh Air, and addressed your very concern.

He said that FOX puts almost no money into the advertising, but they get a lot for production, which the guy prefers. He also said it was made for DVD, in the bigger picture. That's how I was introduced to it. Critics always give it high marks, and its won awards, despite the low viewership.

The last couple episodes I saw weren't as good as the first season....

I refuse to watch Stacked. From seeing the promos I can't bring myself to watch such a mindless premise. I am withdrawn from dumb America. Haven't these idiots heard of porno?

headlessbob said...

Yeah, I miss Futurama a lot too. At least Family Guy came back. Fox seems odd that they have so many stupid shows, but then some true gems... the problem is the gems just get pushed by the wayside.

crallspace said...

You must remember that Rupert Murdoch, a completely corrupt individual, owns FOX.