Thursday, November 10, 2005

Americans are like their Beer

I've been reading a few forums these days that relate to beer, and it just seems that people (esp. Canadians) say "American beer is piss". It seems that a lot of the same people may be tempted to say "Americans are dumb, rude, ignorant, stupid... etc".

Well, it seems to me that such feelings stem from ... yep, you guessed it... Ignorance. You see, most Canadians see American beer as Bud and Coors. But, little do they know that the States has some of the most diverse and excellent verity of beers on the planet. Its just that they're all craft or regional breweries. And hey, these same Canadians that call Bud and Coors crap probably drink Canadian. Ha! Its practically the same thing (well, a bit better... ;).

I notice the same thing with the world's general view on Americans... People are basing their ideas on a bad American stereotype. But in my many travels I have only met 2 Americans I have not liked. The rest were awesome. Intelligent. Good people. But then again, I met most of these people while traveling. I'm betting that your "stereotype" American idiot would be too scared to leave the safety of the good ol' US of A anyway. But hey, that just means the rest of the world gets to interact with the good ones.
(Although I did meet one woman who was THE stereotypical American traveler... god I hated her. But like I said, most Americans I've met have been some of the best people I've ever met).

So... Americans are like their beer. A few bad examples ruin it for what is the majority of good examples.


crallspace said...

I can completely sympathize w/ the world's view on the Americans. Many are stupid, lazy and quite frankly, a waste of space. I call these people "Bush supporters."

In all reality, the stereotypical dumb American is quite common, but luckily for where I live, they are in lesser numbers. However, in Indiana and the midwest, there is no shortage of uninformed, ignorant slobs.

headlessbob said...

Yes certainly there are lots of the idiot stereotype out there. I guess when I was traveling the people I tended to meet were generally the more open-minded sort. And those who have traveled around get a better sense of the world as well, decreasing the ignorance quotient I'm sure ;)

costa said...

I just wanted to start by saying I am an american and I love beer. I relly don't consider bud or any other product that runs TV commercials beer. For the most part( some of the people I know grew up in different circumstances) the people that I hang out with can use the can of bud in someone'sa hand as a sign of a "yahoo"- in other words, the people that give us a bad name... I would suggest staying out of the middle of the country if you want a good beer or any intelligent conversation... living in New
england, I have found the Long Trail beers to be the one to choose, at least locally...