Monday, November 14, 2005

Holy Ass!

See my last post for beer stuff.
So this weekend I had to drive to Grande Prairie from Fort St. John twice (which is about 200 km each way; ~124 miles for those who use that odd system). I had to pick up some people at the airport there who were flying into town for the weekend because they will replace me up here (and I get to go back to Calgary!).
So Wed and Thurs were lovely days... temp above 0 C, sunny, nice. But almost as soon as they get here the temp drops to -15 C and starts snowing. Needless to say the highway sucked, and my drive home on Sunday night was a little scary... dark, snow, and some black ice. I've never been in a car accident, but I was certain it was about time I did. And it took about 45 minutes longer to get home since traffic was moving at 10-20 km/hr lower than the speed limit due to the ice at some places.

Anyway... for anybody who doesn't know where Fort St. John is, here is a map:



crallspace said...

I want to go up to the desolate areas of Canada sometime. Ideally, I would explore all day and come across a nice, woodsy beer-bar at dusk, and drink with woodsmen.

headlessbob said...

Make sure you check it out in summertime.. winter SUCKS!