Monday, November 28, 2005


Well I had some plans to research and write something about beer, but then the Discovery Channel had a Mythbusters Marathon... and my evening was shot.

Anyway, it seems like its Xmas time again. Places are starting to play Xmas music, theres Xmas decorations, Xmas lights, Xmas sales, Xmas vacations, and Xmas foods appearing. Yep, a whole lot of Xmas.

Why all the Xmas and not Christmas? I got to thinking about the holiday season and it just seems that the point of "Christmas" has changed quite a bit since its first inception as a "celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ", or so the story goes. "Christmas" these days is more about getting together with family and friends. Taking some time off. Having some fun. Buying into the commercialism. Recieving presents. And getting drunk and driving home on icy roads.
...well, not the last one for anybody lets hope.

I think I shall refer to Christmas as Xmas from now on. I mean, Christmas seems to define the religious celebration. I'm not religious at all. So to me "Christmas" is just about family and taking a break. The idea of a baby being born about 2000 years ago doesn't really come into it at all. So, it would seem inappropriate to celebrate Christmas. Therefore, I shall celebrate Xmas from now on. To me, its a non-denominational term meaning essentially "yearly celebration of family and friends".
(...and presents too)

Interestingly, in the canceled-before-its-time show Futurama the holiday season is only refered to as Xmas in the future. Maybe this will catch on.


Jobe said...

Xmas started in the 1500s as an abbreviation throughout Europe, due to the Greek spelling of Christ starting with an X... So really, you're still referring to Christ, even though people of Christ get upset at the blasphemous use of X.

headlessbob said...

Nah, I figure its good enough to not say Christ. If I said Fmas people wouldn't know what I was talking about :P

Mike V said...

You can't really use the word "mas" either since I think it is an abbreviation of "mass", as in a holy Christian gathering. So really you're just down to calling it Festivus.

Also, some christians use the "X". The hardcore xtian kids like the Straight-Edgers use the sign "sXe".

headlessbob said...

Unless I consider "mass" as a general gathering of people for whatever reason, in this case the gathering of family and friends for annual merry-making (ie drinking).

Yeah I can see how the X still technically can refer to Christ. Maybe my Xmas isn't such a good idea. Festivus though... hmmmm. Wasn't that George Costanza's family celebration? Maybe that could catch on.

In any case, take the Christ out of Christmas for me ;)