Thursday, November 17, 2005

Several Items Seemingly Not About Beer

Well, lets face it. The world of beer changes pretty slowly, as does my direct interaction with it. So thus I shall talk about many seemingly non-beer related items. But lets not forget, its all about beer, as you shall see.

1) The Colbert Report -This show airs after the more-awesome-than-awesome Daily Show. It has only been on in Canada for a couple of weeks now, and at first I was a bit wary. But, it turns out he's pretty damn funny. He looks like and can act like one of those 'analyzed' republican political nerds. But his whole act, while a little off the wall, manages to make fun of "Bush's America" (among other things) by accentuating some of the silly arguments some supporters make. The only thing I find a little weird sometimes is that maybe some of his guests don't quite get what hes doing. See, he basically voraciously seems to support arguments opposite to what the guest is presenting... but of course only to give them a chance to explain away how stupid those arguments are. But I've seem some guests look a little defensive. Anyway... Funny show. Makes me laugh, and stay up later than I should. Naturally, when the shows writers are thinking of jokes they must have had a beer or three...

2) Drug Testing - In the office where I work is a human drug testing facility that tests the many workers around here for various drugs (cocaine, THC, codeine, and a bunch of others). The procedure is that you pee in the cup, the pee temperature is taken, a quick-and-dirty test is done, and the results are found. Now, the temperature is taken so that they know that the pee came from you. If you keep a baggie of pee with you at the side of your body, it won't be warm enough. The outside of your body is quite a bit cooler than the inside. So any sample less than 35 C isn't accepted.
Anyway, this sketchy guy comes in and the tester takes him back. Apparently he gave her like a 20 mL sample, which was less than 35 C. He was then able to instantly produce 2 more samples of about the same volume that both failed the temperature test. As far as I know, nobody has the ability to pee cold pee in 20 mL increments. Obviously, the guy has a little thing of pee on him somewhere that hes trying to scam with. Anyway, eventually he actually pees by himself and he comes up "non-negative" for cocaine and refuses to sign a form so his sample can be sent to a lab for true confirmation (some prescription drugs can interfere with the testing). So, he moved all the way up here for work and got fired for doing drugs. Loser. This has to do with beer because the lab also tests for blood alcohol content and beer can contribute to that. Yeah.

3) "If you want children beaten, you have to do it yourself" - Just a quote I heard off of Futurama (which I am watching in the background). I miss that show. And that quote is so true too. It just happens to be the episode where they make beer in Bender's chest compartment with a method that would, of course, only work in cartoons :).

4) Warm weekend - Just checked the weekend weather, I'm going to make the 660 km trip each way to Edmonton for the weekend I think... see some people, drink some BEERS, waste 2 tanks of gas, and not lose my mind in Fort St. John.

5) Beer Reviews - Actually, I have done a couple of beer reviews in the last little while:

Ok, thats all I have. I think I'll try to do a book review this week.

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