Monday, November 07, 2005

Wedding Fun

Oh man... flew into Calgary this weekend for the wedding of a good friend of mine. I haven't been drinking all that much since I've been up in Fort St. John here, so it was a good night to let loose a bit. Anyway, liquors drunkened me, and I woke up the next morning feeling like ass. I won't publish any stories related to the evening to the net here though :P. But there are a few....

Not related to the evening, however, was the wedding pictures. As an usher, I get to be in a couple of shots with the bride & groom. But when one has their wedding in early November, and decides to have their pictures outdoors... well, fun is had by few. I'm glad I'm male and get to wear a wool suit. The bridesmaids had open legs and shoes... I felt sorry for them. Especially when they had to take off their coats to reveal their dresses for the pictures. It must be hard to smile when your teeth are chattering!
But it was still fun... nobody will forget it :)

I miss Calgary. Gotta get outa here.

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