Friday, November 04, 2005

Big fat order

Man, its getting cold up here, I can feel winter coming. Any day now... I'll be burried in snow. Probably the day I'm supposed to make the 990 km drive to calgary too.

I heard back from a brewmaster in Edmonton about the possibility of working there in some fasion in late January. I don't know if that means part-time or full time, or even an 'apprentice' type position. I don't think he knows either, has to figure out his needs and such. But its only November, so theres lots of time. Anyway, thats awesome.

I'm putting together a pretty large order for homebrew supplies and equipment from Paddock Wood Brewing Supplies out in Saskatoon. I contacted their order desk and they may be able to swing a 10% discount for all the stuff, which is pretty good. Their prices are cheap to begin with, but 10% more stuff is always good (helps them rotate their stock too... a lot of homebrew ingredients don't last more than 6 months - 1 year). If you're in Calgary or Edmonton and want to get in on this, let me know :).


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