Monday, November 21, 2005

Beer Heaven

Back from Edmonton. The total 1320 km there and back is getting way easier to drive!
So I went to this beer store at the Chateau Louis hotel in Edmonton. Holy crap. Excellent good beer selection. I've seen good before in Calgary at Willow Park, but lets not forget that I've been stuck up in Fort St. John for 3 months with not much good beer. I bought 8 beers (not too expensive either) and made my way back with 5 (2 of the same) as seen in the picture. Now I just have to keep myself from drinking them all at once... these need to last at least a week!
On a cool note, I played Texas Hold'em poker, and cleaned everybody out. Except I was the only person nobody else knew before coming to the party, so I guess I look like the jerk who shows up and kicks ass. Anyway, I'm very hungry after the long drive and craving that London Pride .... mmmmmm.


Anonymous said...

Good to see another beer blogger is born. That is a long frigging haul for ales, though. Makes my two hour runs into New York state seem like nothing.

A Good Beer Blog.

headlessbob said...

Yeah, kinda wish I bought a lot more, I have 3 more weeks up in Fort St. John here!

Anonymous said...

You need a stash:

I am off to the states this weekend to replenish mine.


crallspace said...

Fuller's never tasted good in the midwest.

Always expired by at least a year, as midwesterners are adamant about their cheap, shit beer.

Karl Bakla said...

am I to believe you folks don't drink Coors Light