Sunday, December 04, 2005

Uhaul Sucks

Well, I'm living in a hotel for this week. Its nice... I get my room cleaned every morning, there is a big TV, room service, and a hot tub. I could get used to this. And the best part... my company pays for it all :)

However, not 5 minutes ago I accidentally washed brand new contact lenses down the drain. Fuck. That's a lot of money literally down the drain.

Anyway, this is yet another "Beer Blog" not about beer. My only comment is that I finally had some beers last night after 1.5 weeks of no beer. All I can say is that maybe Sleeman isn't as good to me as it used to be. Hm.

Uhaul Sucks
So some friends moved up to Fort St. John here. They made a reservation with Uhaul for a 14' truck and a car-trailer. Here is a recount of their ordeal:
  • When they got to the depot in Calgary Uhaul didn't have their 14' truck they had reserved. They had a 17' truck and said they would only charge them for a 14'. But, looking at the bill later, they had been charged for the 17' anyway.
  • Uhaul didn't have the car trailer available, and said they would have one the next day for sure. They went back the next day... nope, Uhaul didn't have one at that location. They were sent to South Calgary where apparently a trailer was waiting for them. When they got to the South location, the Uhaul agent there said he didn't have the trailer. Guh.
  • Apparently there was a trailer in Cochrane (slightly North of Calgary) they could pick up. Turns out it was stored under snow in some employee's back yard. They had to go there and dig it out themselves.
  • The ignition key they were given wasn't the same as the door key. Apparently when a truck has ignition problems they just replace the ignition, but are too damn cheap to replace the door locks. The guy that got to jimmy the lock open said this was the 4th person he had done this for in the last week for in a Uhaul truck.
  • According to Uhaul they were only traveling to Edmonton, not all the way to Fort St. John. Luckily, my friends were so fed up by this point they didn't even care and drove to Fort St. John and to hell with Uhaul.
  • So basically with all the hassle and stress Uhaul caused they ended up leaving more than half a day late, which sucks when you're driving 1000 km.
So, in conclusion, Uhaul sucks, don't use them. The whole thing reminds me of a Seinfeld episode where Jerry was arguing with a car rental agency... "See, I think you know how to take the reservation, you just don't know how to keep the reservation... which is really the whole point of the reservation system. The reservation holds the car here." (Not an exact quote but close enough).
Anyway, gonna head off for a hot tub then maybe get some Italian food across the street in my little hotel world


crallspace said...

Yes, UHaul sucks ass! They gave us a dangerous truck to move all our shit from IND to ORE... not a short trip. One redemption was that we went over allowed miles by 2,000 + and they didn't charge us. The guy at the receiving yard in Eugene, OR was named "Ruxton." Fucking "Ruxton" and he was a complete chode.

headlessbob said...

It really is amazing that they are still in business. I guess they trade on the name, and the fact that they're pretty cheap. But almost everybody has a "UHaul sucks" story it seems!
If I move, I'm gonna spend the extra $100 and not have to deal with their crap for sure.

Anonymous said...

You think that's bad, what you don't know is a reservation gaurentee does not actually gaurentee ANYTHING when you make it with UHAUL. I am with you, I will post to every blog site I can find about the HORRID experience I had with UHAUL.

headlessbob said...

Ha, good to see that people are still finding my blog posts from years ago useful.
I still vow to not use uhaul to this day.