Sunday, December 18, 2005

Garlic House

I had my xmas party last night, it ended up being a pretty good time, with more people than I expected. I made a roast for the first time ever and had a little potluck, but now my house smells like old food and garlic.

I served mostly wine I had made, which people rated from drinkable to great depending on their own tastes and level of intoxication, I suppose.

On Friday night I had bottled a kit wine I made, a Matero Shiraz, which had aged for about 6 months. I bottled 15 bottles and put away 12 L into a 12 L carboy to bulk age for the next year. I evacuated the air from the bottle so that should age pretty well. Anyway, it is still pretty young for a shiraz, but it was quite good so far. It has been aging in bulk 23 L under fairly cold temperatures for the last few months, quite a nice fruity aroma. I'll have to serve it again next year!

I also served an unnamed stout I had made back in the summer before I went to Fort St. John. I apparently forgot about a case of 12 650 mL bottles in my cellar. Before they aged, it was a little too harsh, but its mellowed out pretty nicely and people seemed to like it, despite it being a strong stout.

Me after a few.

The after effects wern't as bad as previous parties, a testament to my friends and I getting more 'adult' I suppose:

So at around 4:30 am the whole thing wrapped up, and a good time may have been had by all. I have a hangover to work off and a lot of bottles to clean up. Ug. I hate this part.

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