Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Girlfriends and Boyfriends

How come its normal for females to call their female friends girlfriends, but it would be weird for a male to call a male friend a boyfriend.
Anyway, I am actually in the process of writing beer reviews, so my blog will finally be about beer for the first time in like 2 weeks.

Alley Kat
Er, actually I can tell "you" about my little chat with the owners of Alley Kat brewery. I was there over the weekend of the 9/10/11th and stopped in to talk to Neil & Lavonne about the possibility of working there. They were thinking of taking a new person on. Anyway, it was a good 2 hour chat I think, we'll see how it goes. They are a pretty small brewery and hiring somebody is understandably a big deal. I think the best thing about a job interview at a brewery is that the first question you are asked is "hey, so do you want a beer?"
Anyway, they will be releasing their first Scotch ale in January, called "Kiltlifter". I live the malty styles of beer, so I look forward to this!
Oh... and apparently the owner of the Hop n' Brew in Calgary has been holding onto a 1/2 keg of Alley Kat's 2002 Old Deut Barley Wine... :)

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