Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Xmas

Or happy holidays. Whatever suits you. Apparently its a big argument these days, some people get mad when you don't directly associate the holidays with "the birth of christ", despite that birth occurring in the summer and changed to be during winter so as to conflict with a pagan holiday... but I digress.

regardless of religious beliefs, this time of year tends to universally be a time to be with family or friends, take a bit of time off, and enjoy life a little (and apparently spend a lot of money). So, I wish everybody to enjoy this time of year.

Drunken Santa
This year we convinced the santa-believers that santa would like the surprise of a beer and nuts rather than the usual milk and cookies. The only santa believer here, however, is my 30 year old cousin who has a range of disabilities including muscular dystrophy. So don't go thinking we're warping the mind of children.
Anyway, we left out a Fuller's London Pride, and I get the honor of being the santa. An excellent end to an excellent dinner and conversation.

Speaking of Fuller's (an English Brewery), I managed to pick up two bottles of Fuller's Vintage Ale, an old ale that can be aged for some time. I can't wait to give it a try. I might pick up a few more bottles after xmas to age for a few years. Usually I try to buy a nice bottle of scotch every xmas so that I may have a collection of scotch... but really, I like beer a lot better. So maybe I should spend the money on some good cellaring beers.

So, of course I dumped four beer reviews last week, but then I went and tried more beers, which means I'm still like 12 beers behind schedule. Maybe I'll sneak off from family stuff tomorrow to write ;)


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