Thursday, December 08, 2005

t minus 14 hrs

Yep, its 5 pm here, and if I attempt to leave Fort St. John by 7 am (which means I'll leave by 7:30) that means 14 hrs.

Sorry I haven't written anything interesting about beer in the last couple of weeks, there just hasn't been the right time for decent beer writing. I've recently tried Dragon Stout from Jamaica which was pretty good, and I've had some good pints of the Okanagan Spring Pale recently. No reviews here yet, sorry. I'll get to it.

But this Saturday when I'm in Edmonton some friends and I are having an English beer night. We're getting a bunch of English ales from England and North America and downing them :). I'm sure I'll have something to write about after that.

And, of course, on my way through Edmonton I'm having a quick chat with a craft brewer there about a job, perhaps I'll be brewing some stuff up one of these days!



crallspace said...

English ales... I haven't seen Bass Ale for sale out here... not once, whereas in the midwest, every store carried it.

I am in the process of inputing all the beers I have tried into the computer. So far, they are scribbled on notebook pages, and my total is close to 800. It's overwhelming, and thinking about how much I've spent on beer is almost enough to make me quit... but not quite.

Hope you have (had) fun this weekend.

Anonymous said...

bugger, i can't find the cinnamon cranberry beer! can you check at willow park next time your down south, its not at crowfoot liquor store.

headlessbob said...

I can only assume "anonymous" is Melissa :P

Its not at willow park south as far as I could tell, I was just there today.

For anybody who is wondering, Alley Kat brewery in Edmonton makes what I think is a great Cranberry Spice Wheat ale. I can't remember the name, it starts with a W and is german. I tried it at the brewery this past weekend. Maybe its too early for liquor stores?

headlessbob said...

Phew thats a lot of beers. I know I've got to be >500, but I just didn't keep records of beers I tried until recently (well, I kept a bottle of almost everything until I ran out of space and females complained that it looked "stupid")

Some of the liquor stores in Canada get a decent selection of english imports, but just from the main breweries (Fuller's, Young's, Samuel Smith's, etc). And they are often expired too :(