Friday, December 30, 2005

Go Yeast!

My yeast in my Old Ale batch are still going strong. Although less strong than before. My cooling method made the internal wort temperature drop to almost 17 C. Getting on the low end for an ale. But this morning I pitched my active Wyeast 1028 London yeast strain starter and removed the fermenter from next to my door to a room at 20 C. Since the fermentation has slowed quite a bit, I figure that I need less cooling and a more consistent temperature (when yeast ferment they create heat, if nor properly cooled, they can raise the temperature to beyond desirable).

Speaking of Old Ale, here is a link to the BJCP (beer judge certification program) site and a description of what an "official" old ale is. Generally, it is a British style ale that was brewed to be aged for a longer period of time (greater than 6 months). This beer would be mixed with younger beers to create a middle-aged beer flavour. But, one could still buy the old ale by itself. British beers tended to be less alcoholic than many modern beer styles, and the British old ale may have been 5-6% ABV. But modern examples can be 7%, 8%, 9%... almost barley wine really. My beer is currently targeted for 8.5% alcohol, although I think I can get 8% and be happy with that.

I have purchased some old ale recently, Fuller's Vintage Ale 2005. It comes in numbered bottles and only 95000 were made. I bought 5 for myself... I drank one on xmas day... pretty good, although aging will certainly be a good thing. I will add my review soon. And other reviews. And brewing pictures. And all the other stuff I would do if I wasn't so sociable now that I'm back home in Calgary,

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Bah. Now they have people who actually spam blogs and type in the word verification.