Monday, July 03, 2006

Beer Fridge!

Ok, sorry, I suck. I haven't updated for a week. I know. Anyway, here are some pictures of my beer fridge!

As you can see, there are two taps and I can fit 2 x 20 L kegs (or some 18.9 L homebrew kegs with some conversion of the lines). I put cardboard in the fridge door to keep beer-killing UV light out (its near a window). You will notice that there are actually bottles of Budweiser on the top... no, I did not buy them. Some guy showed up to my house for an event I was having and didn't know that I had good beer on tap. Oh well. I drink 1/2 of one once and awhile, then dump the rest out. I think its important to taste a full range of beers, including the bad/tasteless ones to keep the senses sharp.
Anyway, if you're in edmonton you're welcome to come by for a beer or three ;)


Nan said...

I'd love to drop by but you moved to Edmonton of all places!!! Calgary rules.

Ben, aka BadBen said...

Nice fridge!
For a clear UV filter: get a piece of clear polycarbonate sheet, cut to the size of the fridge's window. (Polycarbonate plastic filters-out most UV-spectrum light). Then you can have a see-through window, again. A plastic wholesaler will have it available and will be able to cut it to order for you.
Check out:
GE Polymershapes
16536 117th Street
Edmonton, AB T5M 3W2
Phone 780-451-1650

A local hardware store might have it, too. Note: Acrylic won't work for this application.

Happy brewing,
Bad Ben

headlessbob said...

hey, sweet idea! Thanks!

crallspace said...

If I EVER go toward Edmonton, I am giving you a visit.

DnH500 said...

ace fridge