Tuesday, July 18, 2006


For all of your travel-nerds out there, check out CouchSurfing. Its a pretty neat idea. People just offer up a couch for a free place to stay when you are travelling. I just offerd up my couch. You can see my profile here... although you may need to be registered to the site to see it.

It should be a great way to meet some travellers and show them around the city a little. Plus, I think the fact that I'm a brewer at a small craft brewery and can offer a fairly unique experience (and free beer...) might interest some people. I love to talk about beer and brewing, so I'm sure this will give me the chance! (speaking of which... I really should post more beer-related blogs...)

Plus, in a year or so I may be going to school in Scotland, which will also include jumping around all of Europe at some point. It would be good to build up some friends and 'cred' so when I travel I can couch surf!

Anyway, go check it out. It seems like a great community of people who like to share and be social.


Anonymous said...

YouWe cant see you profile as you have set the settings to show to members only so people who are on your blog and are not members cannot see your profile.

headlessbob said...

Yeah I turned that option on again... I decided that I'd rather only have other members able to view my profile.