Sunday, July 30, 2006

Love in the park

Rather than do work on my condo, I decided to instead head out for a bike ride this evening. It had just finished raining and was rather sunny out, twas to be a good ride. As I headed down this very deserted path right by the river, I saw what appeared to be a man lying on the ground, halfway into the path. It startled me at first, but as I rode closer I saw that there was another person laying on top of him, and she (...or possibly he, I didn't see a face) was pelvic thrusting on top of him. Hehe. I laughed as I rode by, the guy looked very shocked (as I approaced very fast) as he just opened his eyes and exclaimed some nonsencical sound in surprise.

I hope they laughed about getting caught having sex :P

Anyway, the rest of my ride was quite nice, until I got to a part on the north side of the river that was very off-road... and the side of the hill had given way, so the path didn't really work for my bike. I basically walked it more than I rode it for that part. Ah well. But at least my bike doesn't look shiny and new anymore!

I still need to get used to my new bike, and start to trust it more. I also need to build all those little muscles that help maintain balance in tricky spots.

Beer... as it is a "beer blog"
On our travels around town today to look at flooring and buy paint/painting supplies we realized we were near a liquor store with excellent beer selection... needless to say I stocked up on a bunch of beers, most of which I can't spell and I don't want to go to the fridge and look it up. But lets just say I spent $50 or so and have increased my selection of belgian beers.
They also had a 2005 edition of our Alley Kat Old Deuteronomy Barley wine there. I thought that was completely sold out (or at least we're out of it at the brewery). I bought a bottle to compare with with 2006 edition.


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