Monday, June 26, 2006

Wedding Weekend

I headed down to Calgary to attend the wedding of some good friends. It was a helluva party, lots of people from my university days were there and it was great to catch up with all of them (and drink lots too).
I love weddings.
Except I left my sunglasses and my tie on the table at the end of the night I think.

I also brought an entire cooler full of my beer down to the fine people at my last employer, only fair since I did ditch them pretty bad to be a brewer!

Its going to be a busy and hot week at the brewery. I brew four times, and its supposed to be hot all week. I hate brewing in hot weather. When its 27 C outside, the mash tun sits at 78 C and the boil kettle is of course boiling, I bet the ambient temperature in the brewhouse gets up to like 40 C or so!

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