Thursday, June 22, 2006


Well, I was going to update my blog tonight with topics such as "Oilers Almost Win Cup", "New beer fridge with taps", and "Damn you all for drinking so much of our summer ale even though its soooo gooood because its hard to brew!". But, when I went down to my favorite local coffee shop (Sugarbowl for those of you who know Edmonton) to get a coffee so I would have energy I ran into some people from the homebrewer's guild. I managed to stay away from the beer for two cups of coffee, but eventually I gave in and had a Leffe. So 1.5 hrs later its now and I didn't do anything I planned to this evening.

But TOMORROW, I'll post some pictues of my awexome new beer fridge... with two taps... and two 20 L kegs in it... and lots of beer bottles.


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Kat said...

Hey! Do I get a free beer because you didn't post when you said you were going to? You could ship it to Ottawa . . . it'd taste just as good. lol

Sorry I missed you when I was in Alberta, but I was there the weekend before you moved and I thought you'd be pretty busy packing, so I didn't try to contact you. Maybe next time! ;)