Wednesday, June 07, 2006

New Condo Pictures

Ok, so as promised here are some new pictures of my condo. Ignore the mess, I mean I JUST moved in. My unit is on the 10th floor of an older concrete building in Edmonton. The unit is in pretty good condition considering.

The living room area. I'm going to paint and rip out the floors to put in some kind of laminate flooring. It will be pretty, I imagine.

Galley kitchen. I'd like to do some renos here too, but they get expensive quick and if I change one thing I pretty much have to change everything. Which I may. It would be nice to knock out the wall to the left (which leads to the living room), move the fridge to the opposite wall, and open the whole room up a lot, I think it would add a lot of value to the unit.

This is just a night shot of one of the main streets I over look (109 st) in Edmonton. There is always something going on. Some people say they hate the noise... but I love the sound of other humans. You can do some awesome people watching from my balcony.

This is just the Ikea computer desk I bought, partially because its name was "Jerker" but mostly because it was black, simple, functional, and highly adjustable and modular. This is the first real work desk I've had, considering for three months I used my computer sitting on the floor with my computer on a pile of boxes.

My new bed.... also from Ikea. Yeah for some reason I dislike the idea of Ikea since everybody ends up with the same stuff... but at the same time there is a very good reason why they are successful... they make good looking functional stuff for a reasonable price. I saw this simple black bed... seems the one for me. Now I just need an attractive female to fill the empty space.......

This is a shot from my balcony (actually, three photos stitched together). In summer the trees pretty much cover most of the area I overlook, which is pretty cool. To the right the tall buildings are apartment complexes right beside the university. Although covered by trees, this overlooks Whyte ave, the scene of infamous hockey parties that made the news when a few idiots rioted.

So that's it!

Beer news
Hmm... beer. Well I donno... I've pretty much been drinking the stuff I make at the brewery these days. I think I'm actually getting spoiled by being able to drink the freshest beer. For lunch I usually grab half a pint right from the bright beer tanks. Or even the unfiltered beer if I feel like I need some yeast in my diet. Bottled beer even a few weeks old doesn't compare to beer right from the tanks. Although in a few cases the extra month or so of aging does make the beer mellow out a bit and actually nicer from the bottle for some of our beers.
I know... hard life... :P



Anonymous said...

The place needs a feminine touch, I'd say.

Beer said...

Nice condo man :) Even my room is less messy than that :

Ben, aka BadBen said...

Nice digs for a brewer!

Lina said...

Welcome to the building!! I am certainly looking forward to having Graeme's brewing buddy in the building so all the brewing can be done in your nice big condo and not in our little one! :) Glad to have you near.

Mike V said...

Nice place. And thanks for all the Korean Heffeweise (sp?). Goddamn was that tasty!

headlessbob said...

Heh, yeah we'll do any brewing at this place for sure... although maybe you'll have to fight to keep him away since I'm going to have beer on tap soon :P

Mike: hefeweizen. Yeah it was good. Look for it if you go to korea!