Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Bloody Filter, Bloody Kegs, Bloody blood.

Stupid beer filter... damn thing is clogged up with something that we just can't seem to get rid of. As a result, I stayed 3 hrs late to get a filter job done. Meh, just mild annoyance.

We shipped 100 corny kegs of beer off to Korea today for a very special and interesting contract. For those of you who don't know, a corny keg is one of those kegs Pepsi mostly uses to distribute some beverages. They are 18.9 L, there is an oval opening in the centre of the top of the keg, an inlet and an outlet quick disconnect. Including a pressure blow-off valve, there are basically 4 seals that can be broken when filled with a pressurized beverage. Most homebrewers who keg use corny kegs, and will also know the annoyance of a keg that does not seal properly. Multiply this annoyance by more than 100 kegs, and then have to clean and sanitize the buggers. Only to discover that several of them still have very small slow leaks after you have filled them with beer.
Goddammit I hate corny kegs now.

Also I cut my finger and it bled all day because it was in a place that I constantly use.

What a negative blog entry...
Tomorrow will be a good day :)


Ben, aka BadBen said...

I use corny kegs. I would eventually like to convert to Sankey Pub Kegs. Of course, I'd also like to retire as a billionare, too. (We'll see which one comes first, if at all).

headlessbob said...

The only thing thats really good about the corny kegs for homebrewing is that you can clean them without a kegwashing machine. But of course now I have access to a keg washing machine... which is nice. I just used a 58.8 L standard keg as a fermenter. Cleaning and sanitizing is pretty easy when you have a machine to wash it for you :)