Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Well, I decided to splurge a little and buy some overalls. But it turns out it wasn't much of a splurge as a great purchase for my brewing career.
Duck Zip-to-Thigh Bib Overall / Unlined
They're thick, water-resistant, have lots of pockets, and I can get them really dirty. In the last two months I've ruined like three pairs of pants working at the brewery (well, they were pretty crappy pants to begin with... but by the end of the day they'd be soaked and covered with yeast / spent grains / spilt beer / wort / etc. And now they're full of holes). Plus with the open top I don't get horribly hot, and they're pretty baggy so the heat from below can rise... oh and the sides of the legs zip open so I can let heat out that way too :)

Anyway... yeah. Its not a very interesting blog, but I'm a brewery nerd now and I like them... I feel so blue collar now :)


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