Wednesday, May 17, 2006

"A booth that knew what they were talking about"

Well, its been a tiresome few days, but I have returned from my first Beer Festival since starting to brew. It was a pretty big success. We (Alley Kat Brewery from Edmonton, Alberta) released our new summer beer, which is a saison-style ale with orange, grapefruit and black peppercorn. Its cleverly called... Summer Ale. Reguardless, I really like it and its the first beer I brewed on my own (the head brewer designed the recipe of course).

Anyway, we recieved really good feedback from the summer ale so hopefully sales pick up for the summer. We might actually be able to get a few draught accounts for patios. Its an awesome patio beer.

I was reading some reviews on BeerAdvocate, and one poster commented that we were "a booth that knew what they were talking about". Well, that just makes me feel awesome, since I'm pretty new at this... but I guess I just spew fourth my passion, and have learned a thing or three!

I took a few pictures:

Our table before the event.

The people.

The mess afterwards. The place will smell like stale beer for a week I bet.



Anonymous said...

You did know what you were talking about, thanks for the Tix B - fun was had by all!!

Ben, aka BadBen said...