Sunday, April 30, 2006

I'm a real brewer!

Well, on Monday of this week I did something that is key in every brewer's development... I brewed a large batch (for us) of beer, pretty mutch all by myself. I did the mash on my own. I did the sparge on my own. I did the boil on my own. And I hit the exact initial gravity on the wort that I was supposed to hit, with approximately the same wort volume that I was supposed to hit. The best thing was this wasn't just one of regular beers, this was our special summer ale... a saison style of beer with orange and pepper in it. It tastes pretty good to me, and its very unique for what we've produced as a brewery before.

In any case, I'm honoured to have this as my first brew.

But I'm also quite burnt out from all the work I've been doing in the last week. I'm pretty used to hard jobs that take a long time, and thus I'm not phased by what I'm working these days. We really need a new staff member to help take care of our production. I've worked almost 8 hrs of overtime this week, which is almost a day... for our brewery, apparently an hour a day may be a little much.
I even feel that I should come in on the weekends to catch up... with such a small staff (5) only so much can be done in regular work hours efficiently (as in not fucking shit up by not having enough time to do it).

Anyway... if you love beer and brewing and live in / will move to Edmonton we probably have a job for you...



jezzalamb said...

congrats dude.

Can I expect to see on my next bottle of alley kat a big picture of you giving the thumbs up?

Ben, aka BadBen said...

Congratulations, brewer!

crallspace said...

Congrats! Good news for you, Mr. Brewer!

OVertime is good too. I got some this past week myself. You need to post a pic of you diligently working on a batch.

headlessbob said...

THanks all... yeah I really do need some good pictures of me at work.