Thursday, April 20, 2006

Scottish 80 Update

I checked out the Scottish 80/ I brewed with a friend a week or so ago. We left it to ferment in the brewery where it stays around 14-16 C normally, although ambient temperatures jump to like 22 C for a few hours some days when we are brewing there. Not a big concern though. The gravity settled out so far at 1.013, I don't expect it to go down much more. That gives an attenuation for the yeast (how much of the sugar the yeast fermented) at 73%, which is on the high end for the scottish yeast.

Taste... meh. The malt wasn't really all that exciting at this point. But not unplesant. Just nothing special. Unfortunately its a little too bitter to really be a scottish ale, but I really liked the bitter/hop aftertaste that I got from it. I think it will end up being a pretty good english bitter (ESB). But of course, I could be wrong.


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