Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Kelowna Weekend

So no updates for a few days, as I've been out of town in Kelowna, BC. It was "ok". Not really a lot to do, it seemed. Had some nice wines, learned how to make lasagna and lamb roast. Relaxed. Thats about it.

I didn't bring any luggage with me though. I left from work to make it to the airport on Thursday a little late, with the intention of going home then off to the airport. However, traffic was so bad I gave that up and drove straight to the airport and made it 10 minutes before boarding. Geez.

Naturally, I had nothing more than the clothing on my back. So I went shopping at Mark's Work Wearhouse when I got there, and there were having some sale where you can get between 5-25% off. I won the 25% off... so I bought 2 pairs of pants, two nice collared short sleeve shirts, two comfy t-shirts, boxers, swim suit, and socks for a very good price indeed.
I needed a new wardrobe anyway.

But Brian, what of beer?
Well, lets see... hm. I tried the St. Ambroise Oatmeal Stout. MAN is that EVER a good beer. So smooth, and an excellent balance of malty sweetness and the bite from roasted malts. I think I shall have to attempt a beer like this some day.

Speaking of beer, last week I kegged off the "Scottish 80" I started many weeks ago. It ended up being 4.2%, so not too bad for alcohol, but its flavour was ... not so good. So I threw in about 25 g of fuggle hops for dry hopping right into the keg to maybe cover it up or at least make the flavour interesting. I'll have to find some way to remove the hop trub before serving though.
I figure I'll just bring the keg by the frat house some friday night and have them dispose of it.

I promised a friend that I would mention her name in my blog, so that she would be famous. Assuming I spelt her name right. Kerolina? Kerrolina? I suck at names. I'm pretty sure that last one is the wrongest, though, as I just made it up. There!

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