Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Brew Weekend

Well, this weekend I'm doing some "home" brewing with a friend of mine at the brewery. We have the good small batch equipment there, and clean-up is a breeze (wash the crap down the drain with a hose :)

We're going to do a double batch of a scottish ale, around 5% or so abv. It should turn out pretty good, as I found that my last scottish ale did taste pretty good, it just was just horribly weak. I didn't have a hydrometer, and I later discovered that the initial specific gravity was only 1.039. I was aiming for 1.054. Oh well.
There is a compition in June for the Edmonton Homebrewers Guild, I'd like to have a few beers ready for that. I'd like to have a scottish ale or two by then, hopefully a hefeweizen, and maybe a special bitter to enter.

Man Hands
I've also found since working at the brewery, I've developed much thicker hands. I guess that comes from "real" work!



Ben, aka BadBen said...

Have you ever used Golden Promise malt, when making a Scottish? I'm going to use some next time around. In fact, I may do a Scottish on Good Friday; I have that day off.

This weekend, I'm heading to Miami Beach to be Best Man at a good friend's wedding.

headlessbob said...

Never used golden promise malt, perhaps I shall look into it. Have a good weekend!
Although I'm posting sunday at 2:30 pm so I guess the weekend is pretty much over....