Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Super Fermenter!

Back when I was in Fort St. John, I picked up a 58.8 L keg to use for homebrewing. I've decided to turn this keg into a super fermenter, not unlike this product featured here. Here are the features I plan to build into such a device:

- First, I want an internal thermometer, either digital reading to one decimal place in celcius, or a dial that is fairly tight in range, say from 0 to 30 C (thats probably hard to find though).
- Sightglass
- Spigot with angled inlet spear that rotates, so that I can rack off above the sediment.
- Cut off the lid, this will make it easier to clean and harvest yeast if needed. Of course, I'll need a replacement lid-type-thing to keep out shit. Doing this would make it an open type fermenter, so I wouldn't need an airlock.
-Eventually, tubing wrapped around the fermenter that can pump water (or glycol) inside to maintain temperature. It would be nice to be able to be able to hook it up to a temperature control that would kick in the motor if the temp gets too hot (or too cold).

I just need to figure out how to attach everything in a leak-free and removable (for cleaning) way. And how to attach the thermometer as well. I'm sure this info will be easy to find though.

Any other suggestions?


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