Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Some Kind of Belgian Update

Just an update on the SKOB brewed this past weekend (for the very very few of you that actually care)...
The OG was 20.3 P (1.084). After ~32 hrs of fermenting it had dropped to 10.9 (1.044)!! Thats crazy! It was fermenting at ~26 C, which would explain that. I wanted it to ferment quite warm, to get some crazy yeast character out of it.
After 66 hrs of fermenting (today) the gravity had dropped to 5.5 P (1.022), with a temp at a more respectable ~20 C. It seems to still be fermenting, so thats a good sign. I figure with such a fermentable wort it should ferment right down to 3.6 P or so (1.014), which would yeild a 9.3% beer. I'll be happy though if it ferments to 4 P, really.

This week I'll rack it off into a couple of carboys and let it sit at ~15 C for 1.5-2 months before giving it a test.

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