Sunday, November 05, 2006

No Service

Right across the street from my condo here in Edmonton is a nice cozy coffee shop called The Sugarbowl, which I like to sit in for hours at at time drinking coffee or a beer whilst reading a book. Its quite a cozy place, that plays good music and has the kind of people in it that I seem to agree with. Its also rather laid back, and you can't expect fast service... not a place to go unless you have an hour or so to kill.

So today I go in and sit down at a table somewhere in the middle of the shop, certainly not hidden at all. Since I'm used to the laid back service I just start reading my "Brew Like a Monk" book (as I want to brew a Belgian strong dark ale soon). Eventually I realize that its been about 15 minutes and my server hasn't come to talk to me yet. Ok, maybe she didn't see me come in and it looked like I had been there for awhile or something (even though I was wearing a bright red hoodie, which should have been noticeable). So I wait another 10 or so min and even catch my server's eye a few times. She served two tables right behind me without stopping for me. This is starting to get silly.

So I went and grabbed my own menu and proceeded to read it (which she saw while serving the tables beside me) and put it down indicating I knew what I want. She still never stopped by after passing by me 2 more times. So I laughed to myself and decided to make this an experiment... how much longer would it take for her to acknowledge my existence? Well, after 30 more minutes (a little longer than an hour in total waiting) I decided to give up and go home. She saw me pack up and leave, but I certainly didn't say anything. Why? I donno... I was kindof laughing to myself as I left.

Anyway, I'll still go back there since its very close, very cozy, has good coffee, and some cute waitresses...

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