Thursday, November 09, 2006

Belgian Golden Strong Ale

So it looks like I'm brewing up some Belgian beer this Saturday. The recipe is very simple, designed to be highly fermentable.

For 40 L batch after kettle boil:
9 kg Pale 2-row, mashed at 65 C for 1 hour.
No mashout (should increase fermentables even more still), sparge with 75 C water.

The gravity at knockout will be 20.0 Plato (1.069). The wort from the grain will be boiled for 60 minutes, at which point 300 g of Belgian amber candi sugar crystals will be added, as well as much dextrose to bump the gravity to 20 P. On my system, I'll need about 44.9 L of preboil wort at a gravity of 14.9 P.

350 AAU of EK Goldings at 75 min boil (70 g for my Goldings)
180 AAU of Saaz at 25 min boil (50 g for my Saaz)

All I have access to is Wyeast's 3864 Canadian/Belgian yeast, which is apparently the Unibroue yeast. I plan to make a starter on Thursday or Friday from the smack pack to get a nice healthy pitching of yeast.

Should ferment pretty warm, hopefully 24-26 C.

The predicted colour is slightly darker than the limits for the style, but not by much, and I don't care either.


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Anonymous said...

hefound your blog cuz i was lookin for a recipe for belgian golden strong smack pack of belgian abbey II is warmin up in my pocket right now!i brew 10 gal batches.big cooler false bottom mash/lautertun,sskeg with a tiger torch for boiler/burner immersion cooler....havent brewed for a while...i miss it!...that awsome smell of malt and hops boiling...mmmmm.....i have some kolsch in the kegs still,but i need variaty man!...smacked an outdated pack of 1056..if it lives ill be brewing with my homegrown cascade hops..i live in grand forks bc.....wish i had a job brewin!CHEERS.Doug
howd you get a job brewwing????