Thursday, October 26, 2006

One Year of Bloggin'!

Well, I've missed it by a week or so, but it turns out I've been running this blog for a year! My first posts were on October 13th 2005. Click here to see my first post. Its been an interesting year -- I was living in Fort St. John, BC and was horribly lonely, I got a lead on a job in a brewery in Edmonton, and I got that job. I've now moved to Edmonton and been a brewer for almost 8 months! How quickly the time passes...

Now its time to think about what will happen in the next year...

I have two choices... stay on with my awesome craft brewery, or go off to get a masters in brewing in Scotland (or possibly Australia). I love my job at the brewery now... I participate in every part of the process from brewing all the way to packaging. I've started to develop my own recipes, and who knows... maybe one of them will get picked up as a seasonal. Its a great small brewery and I actually feel like I make a difference, and I love the fact I can say I brew the beer and that we're so small. My boss gives me the freedom to just get the job done and make good beer without watching over my shoulder every second. Its really great. And I love living in Edmonton right now too, I own a condo in a lively area, have lots of friends nearby, an excellent roomate/tennant, and a messy room I really don't want to pack up again.
But of course, going to get a MSc in Scotland would certainly be good for my career... but it depends on where I want my career to go. Would getting my MSc make me overqualified to work at the smaller craft breweries? I don't think I would fit well with a large scale brewery. Do I want to do research?? What if I would enjoy running the brewery at a brewpub more??? How much do I want to move around the world????
It seems like almost every day I change what my decision is, or I put it off more. Eventually I will have to decide and that decision will decide the rest of my life! AHHHHHHHH!

Well, for you few but faithful, thanks for reading over the last year. I know I haven't been as posty as I could be, but I like to think that I post "enough". In the last year I have done 166 posts, which is almost half a post per day of the year (0.45479 per day). So a post every 2 days on average ain't too shabby!

Cheers to a new year!


Hunahpu said...

Congrats on one year.

crallspace said...

HAppy blog anniversary!

Dude, I recommend you stay where you are right now. While the Scotland program may help you advance, I think that you should just relax and enjoy what you've accomplished thus far in Edmonton. Life can take turns for the worst at times and since you have established yourself and are doing well, just hang out for a bit.

My $0.02