Saturday, October 07, 2006

It had to happen eventually

I figured that some time in my brewing career I would perform an error so bad that it would cause an entire batch of beer to be dumped.
Well, this week I performed that error, and had to dump 20 hL of beer down the drain (thats 2000 L for those unknowing of the metric system).
What did I do? Well we had two 500 kg bags of barley malt for making beer with. One was pale 2-row malt (light in colour, lots of enzymes for converting starch, and lots of starch for converting to sugar) and the other was Munchi (which tastes "maltier" or a littly "nutty", has less enzymatic power, and is darker in colour). So when milling the grain for a batch of our Aprikat beer (which is ~50% pale 2-row, its mostly wheat malt) I accidentally grabbed the munich rather than the pale 2-row. Thus, the beer was much darker than usual, and tasted like, well, munich malt.

Cheers, and happy thanksgiving to ya'll you Canadia folk.

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