Thursday, October 13, 2005

First entry

Well, I suppose its time for me to start a blog. I mean, seriously, I've been a computer nerd my whole life and I'm one of the last people I know to start a blog. Maybe I just never had anything to say before.

So what do I have to say? Well, I like beer. I like drinking it, I like talking about it, and I like making it.

Drinking Beer - No, not getting wasted off of a few cases of Bud every couple of days. Not sitting infront of the TV sipping can after can of Canadian. People who like beer just to get drunk off of don't like beer, they like alcohol. Alcohol is just a small part of beer. I like tasting beer, smelling it, looking at it, judging it. But I can get more into that later.

Making Beer - Well, I've been homebrewing for about a year. Last time I checked my logs I had made 13 or so batches ranging from simple kits to extract / mini-mash batches. So I'm really just getting started. I dream of one day being a brewer, and part of this blog will tell the tale of my progression toward that dream :).

Right now I am stuck waaaay the hell up North in BC, Canada, in Fort St. John. I'm from Calgary, however, and am supposed to move back there by December of this year. So needless to say, its hard to find good beer and brewing supplies up here. Oh well.

So... thats it for now. Maybe I'll remember to update this, or maybe I'll just end up a single post with nothing from now on ;).

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